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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 63A Circuit Breaker General Electric Motor Circuit Breaker

Miniature circuit breaker, abbreviated as MCB, is a terminal protection appliance which is most widely used in the terminal power distribution device of building electrics. Used for single-phase, three-phase short-circuit, overload, overvoltage and other protection below 125A, including single-pole 1P, two-pole 2P, three-pole 3P, four-pole 4P and other four.
  • BD1-63S


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Type MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker
Number of Poles 
Rated Current(A) 1-63A
Voltage 230V/415V
Rated Frequency 50HZ


Package Type Standard Export Carton Or According To The Customer' Requirements


·High Safety: miniature circuit breakers have overload, short circuit, under voltage and other protection functions, which can provide comprehensive protection for the circuit. When there is a fault in the circuit, the miniature circuit breaker can immediately cut off the power supply to avoid equipment damage and personal safety accidents.

·Affordable: miniature circuit breakers are relatively inexpensive and can provide affSordable protection for circuits. At the same time, miniature circuit breakers are easy to maintain and have a long service life, which can save maintenance and replacement costs for enterprises.

Why Choose MCB?

Miniature circuit breaker is a common electrical switching equipment, which has a wide range of applications in the power system. It has the advantages of high safety, easy installation, high reliability, affordability, etc., and can provide comprehensive protection for the circuit. Miniature circuit breakers play an important role in domestic, industrial and commercial electricity use, providing safety and security for businesses and people's lives.

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