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DZ47-63 AC 63A 1P Single Phase Circuit Breakers MCB

Miniature Circuit Breakers, commonly known as MCBs, are crucial components of electrical distribution systems. They play a pivotal role in safeguarding electrical circuits and preventing electrical faults from causing damage or hazards. MCBs are designed to provide effective circuit protection in various applications, and they offer several key advantages:
  • BD1-63Z


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Model BD1-63
Rated Current(A) 63A
Rated Voltage(V) 500V
Breaking Capacity 6KA
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Protection IP20
Certificate CCC CE ROSH
Package Type Standard Export Carton Or According To The Customer' Requirements


·Overcurrent Protection: MCBs are primarily designed to protect electrical circuits from excessive currents. They can quickly interrupt the flow of electricity when the current exceeds a safe level, preventing overheating and potential fires.

·Short Circuit Protection: MCBs are highly efficient in detecting and responding to short circuits, which occur when there is a direct path for electricity with minimal resistance. By swiftly disconnecting the circuit during a short circuit event, MCBs prevent damage to connected devices and wiring.

Why Choose MCBs?

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are essential electrical components known for their effective protection capabilities, ease of use, and adaptability across diverse applications. Their ability to swiftly respond to overcurrent and short circuit events, combined with their compact design and adjustability, makes them a preferred choice for ensuring electrical safety and reliability in a wide range of settings.

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