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AC 230V/415V 6KA 63A MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker

MCBs are small circuit breakers, also known as miniature circuit breakers.
The main function is to protect circuits from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. When the current exceeds the set value of the MCB's rated current, the MCB will automatically break the circuit, preventing wires and electrical equipment from overloading and causing fires.
MCBs are commonly used to protect circuits and electrical equipment from damage or fire caused by overcurrent.
  • shenzhou type


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Model Number shenzhou type
Number of Poles 
1 2 3 4
Rated Current(A) 63A
Rated Voltage(V) AC 230V/415V
Breaking Capacity 6KA
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Protection IP20
Standard IEC60898-1/GB10963.1


·Overload Protection: The MCB has an overload protection feature that detects when the rated current is exceeded in a circuit and quickly cuts off power to prevent damage to wires and equipment. This helps to extend the life of electrical equipment.

·Short-Circuit Protection: The MCB is also capable of detecting short-circuits in circuits and quickly interrupts the power supply when the current suddenly rises to prevent fires and other serious accidents.

Why Choose MCB?

MCB is an integral part of electrical systems, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of circuits by providing overload and short-circuit protection, as well as flexibility and space-saving benefits. This makes MCBs the preferred choice for a variety of power distribution applications, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

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