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Din Rail 2 Poles isolation Circuit Breaker Isolating Switch

An isolator switch (Isolator switch) is a type of electrical switching device that is typically used to completely isolate electrical equipment or circuits from the power source to ensure safe maintenance, repair or servicing.
  • BDGL-125


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TypeBDGL-125 Din Rail 2 Poles isolation Circuit Breaker
Number of Poles 
Rated Current(A)63A
Rated voltage
TypeDisconnect Switch

Rated Frequency

Thermosetting material
CertificateCCC CE
StandardIEC60947-3 GB/14048.3


·Isolation Function: The main function of a disconnect switch is to cut off the circuit so that current cannot flow through the electrical equipment connected to it. This prevents accidental start-up or operation of electrical equipment during maintenance or repair and increases operator safety.

·Visual indication: Most disconnect switches are equipped with a visual indication device that allows the operator to clearly see the position of the switch (open or closed). This helps to ensure that the status of the circuit is isolated or connected.

Why Choose Isolator Switch?

Disconnect switches are widely used in power systems, industrial equipment and electrical controls to ensure the safe operation and maintenance of electrical circuits. However, care must be taken when using disconnect switches to ensure that standards for safe operation and maintenance are met to prevent electric shock and other potential hazards.

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