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AC SPD 20KA 40KA Voltage Suppressor Surge Protector Solar Lightning System Device Power Surge Protector

Surge protector, also called lightning protector, is a kind of electronic device to provide safety protection for all kinds of electronic equipment, instrumentation, communication lines. When electrical circuits or communication lines because of external interference suddenly produce a spike in current or voltage, the surge protector can conduct in a very short period of time shunt, so as to avoid surge damage to other equipment in the circuit.
  • WGSPD-40


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TypeSurge Protection Device
Number of Poles 
Discharge Current20-40KA
Rated voltage
Rated Frequency50Hz
StandardGB18802.1 IEC61643-1


·Stable System Operation:

As a result of the increasing number of various electronic devices and their power to continuously improve the impact of factors such as power supply lines lead to increasing power losses and poor stability; and power surge protector can absorb these power losses within a certain range and to maintain the stability of the system's operating state.

·Extend the Service Life of the Equipment:

The application of power surge protector can effectively reduce the generation and use of the number of inductors within the equipment, reduce the number of turns of the coil, reduce the temperature rise of the coil and loss, improve the reliability of the equipment and so on; thus improving the service life of the equipment and performance indicators.

Why Choose SPD?

With the universal application of electrical and electronic equipment, the issue of lightning protection is particularly important, and the installation of DC surge voltage protector is an effective means of protection against overvoltage hazards.

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