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TUV SAA 1000v 4 Poles 32a Dc Solar Pv Isolator Waterproof Switch

An isolator switch (Isolator Switch) is an electrical switching device used to isolate or disconnect power in an electrical circuit. It is commonly used to ensure that electrical equipment can be safely disconnected to prevent current flow through the equipment during repairs, maintenance, or emergencies.
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Type DC Disconnector
Number of Poles 
Rated Current(A) 16A/25A/32A
Rated Insulation Voltage 1200V
Function Isolator , Control


Light Gray
Protection degree
IP 66
Application Photovoltaic System
Standard IEC60947-3


·Safety: Disconnect switches are capable of completely breaking an electrical circuit, ensuring that electrical equipment is effectively isolated so that operators can work safely when carrying out maintenance, repairs or replacing parts. This helps prevent electric shocks and other potential hazards.

·Reliability: Disconnect switches are usually made of sturdy materials, making them extremely durable and reliable. They are able to work for long periods of time without being susceptible to damage, which helps ensure the stability and availability of the electrical system.

·Simple to operate: Disconnect switches usually have a simple operating mechanism that allows the operator to easily switch them on or off. This simplifies maintenance and operation processes and reduces the risk of incorrect operation.

Why Choose Isolator Switch?

In summary, disconnect switches play a vital role in electrical systems, providing safety, reliability and ease of operation, helping to ensure the proper functioning of the electrical system and protecting the operator.

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