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1Pole SPD 20ka 40ka 275V 385V Surge Protector Protection Surge Protective Devices

Surge protector, also known as surge protector or surge protector, is an indispensable device for the protection of electronic equipment against lightning or surge. The role of the surge protector is the use of gas discharge tubes or varistors and other components, the string into the power or signal transmission lines of transient overvoltage such as powerful lightning or surge current drain into the earth, the equipment or system voltage range limit the scope of the range that can withstand, so that the equipment or system is not protected from the impact of the voltage surge and damage.
  • SPD-PV40/60/80/100


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TypeSurge Protection Device
Max Discharge current40
Number of Pole1P
Rated voltage
Rated Frequency50Hz


·Voltage Surge Protection: SPDs are effective in reducing damage to electronic equipment from voltage surges. They prevent damage to electronic equipment by quickly directing overvoltages and currents and dispersing them to ground.

·Equipment Protection: SPDs help extend the life of electronic equipment and reduce the cost of repair and replacement. By reducing the impact of voltage surges on equipment, damage and failures can be reduced.

Why Choose SPD?

The purpose of a surge protective device is to limit voltage surges that occur in the normal electrical system as power is supplied to an electric or electronic device. This is accomplished by diverting surge current and limiting any unwanted voltages to a level that will not damage the protected equipment.

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