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2/4P RCCB 16A-63A Residual Current Circuit Breaker

An RCCB, or Residual Current Circuit Breaker, is a crucial electrical safety device used to protect people and equipment from electrical faults. It's also commonly referred to as an RCD (Residual Current Device) in some regions.
  • RCCB-63


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Model RCCB-63
Type 16A-63A residual current circuit breaker
Pole 1P/2P/3P/4P/1P+N/3P+N
Rated Current(A) 63A
Rated Voltage(V) AC 230V
Breaking Capacity 6KA
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Standard IEC61008
Package Type Standard Export Carton Or According To The Customer' Requirements


·Earth Faults (Ground Faults): These occur when current leaks from the live conductor to the earth due to insulation damage or contact with conductive surfaces. RCCBs can quickly detect and disconnect the circuit in such cases, preventing electric shocks.

·Residual Currents: These happen when there's an imbalance between the live and neutral currents, often caused by faulty appliances or wiring. RCCBs can detect even small residual currents, minimizing the risk of electric shock.

Why Choose RCCB?

RCCBs are an essential safety component in electrical installations, especially in homes and industrial settings. They play a crucial role in protecting human lives and property by rapidly cutting off power in the event of electrical faults. It's important to periodically test RCCBs to ensure they are functioning correctly, as they can deteriorate over time or due to environmental conditions.

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