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The Difference between MCCB and MCB

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-20      Origin: Site

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The Difference between MCCB and MCB

What is MCCB

MCCB refers to a moulded case circuit breaker and is used when the load current exceeds the limits of a miniature circuit breaker.MCCB provides protection against overloads, short circuit faults and is also used for switching circuits. It can be used for higher current ratings and fault levels, even in domestic applications. the MCCB's wide current ratings and high breaking capacity are used in industrial applications. the MCCB can be used to protect capacitor banks, generator protection and major power feeder distribution.

What is MCB

An MCB is a miniature circuit breaker. It automatically closes the circuit in the event of any abnormalities in the grid, such as overload and short-circuit conditions. However, a fuse can sense these situations, but it must be replaced, although the MCB can be reset. an MCB is an electromechanical device that protects wires and electrical loads from overcurrent to avoid any kind of fire or electrical hazard. Handling an MCB is quite safe and it restores power quickly.





Stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker


For higher electrical loads

For smaller electrical loads


Suitable for domestic use in commercial and industrial applications

Suitable for domestic use


Tripping current is adjustable.

Tripping current is not adjustable


Rated Current up to 1600A

Rated current not more than 125 Ampere

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