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2P 4P Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker RCCB 63A

The RCCB is an electrical device that monitors the difference in current flow in a circuit and cuts off the power supply when leakage current is detected to ensure the safety of the circuit and people.
  • RCCB-63


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Model Numbershenzhou
Product NameRCBO
Pole2 Phase
Rated Current(A)6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated Voltage230V
Breaking Capacity6KA
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
CertificateCCC, CE, ISO
Package TypeStandard Export Carton Or According To The Customer' Requirements


·Fault Detection:

The RCCB also detects faults in circuits, such as short circuits or overloads, thus reducing the risk of fire.

It can quickly cut off the power supply to prevent faulty currents from causing fire or equipment damage.

·Ease of installation:

Installing RCCBs is usually relatively simple and can be compatible with existing circuits without extensive modifications.

This makes them suitable for a wide range of different electrical systems.

Why Choose RCCB?

The RCCB is a critical piece of electrical equipment that helps protect circuits and people from the threat of electric shock and fire. Its reliability, ease of installation and wide range of applicability make it an integral part of electrical systems.

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